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Welcome to Nitromedicine family where we redefine medicine and translate alternative medicine to evidence based medicine 


1-  On site Photoactivated PRP, Stem Cell Therapy workshops and Nitromedicine Board Certificate.

  • The Integration of Autologous Cellular Treatments, Including Adult Stem Cells, Utilizing Multiple Protocols and Techniques to enhance stem cell therapy and  manage Oxidative Stress Related Diseases such as degenerative diseases, immunological diseases, chronic infectious diseases, cancers and a broad range of unmet medical needs involving chronic inflammation with an emphasis on pain management.

  • You will receive hands-on-training on the extraction of lipoaspirate, fat nanografting and fat micrografting  as well as perform cosmetic and orthopedic clinical procedures under the supervision of an experienced instructor on a total of 3-5 patients.

  • All techniques and materials used in the training courses are accompanied with detailed protocols and step-by-step, high definition videos of the procedure.

  • You will gain all the tools you need to implement Nitromedicine into your practice today.

  • This training package include all the basic equipments needed to preform the procedures which are Centrifuge, Sonicator and the Laser system.

2- Conducting multi-centers clinical trials on peripheral blood stem cells therapies .


3- Free three months trial of  Nitromedicine Diagnostic Systems.



4- - Free monthly e-newsletters announcing Nitromedicine Stem Cells Therapy  workshops, Conferences, Webinars and up-to-date information’s on Stem Cell Therapy , Phototherapy, Phytotherapy ,Prolotherapy, Nanotherapy, Nitroredox Therapy, Electrotherapy , Cryotherapy , Electromagnetic Therapy and other Alternative Therapies  translated to Evidence Based Therapies.



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